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Who's Interested

Interested in Signing Up?

On September 22nd 2022, the City Council of St Anthony, Idaho declared digital infrastructure as essential and adopted a strategic plan that has the potential to connect every address in the city to reliable high-speed internet at affordable rates. The plan does not make use of any existing city revenue account, tax, or fee to fund construction or operation. Instead, initial funding for construction is expected to come from a combination of State and Federal programs and municipal bonds. Participation is voluntary.


The plan analysis shows that rates of $50 to $65 per month for 1 gigabit up and down speeds would be possible with sufficient participation. Because final customer costs are directly related to how many people sign up to use the system, the city has created this web site to measure the interest. The city is asking property owners, both residential and commercial, to submit an online form if they would sign up to receive broadband service from private commercial providers using the city owned fiber optic system if services were available for $65 per month or less. Submitting this form is not a legally binding commitment, but rather an expression of interest or intent that will be used to help the city decide whether to construct a publicly owned open access fiber optic system. Determining what areas have the highest participation will help the city decide both where and when to start construction.

Others in St. Anthony Interested in Fiber Connectivity?

The map below shows residents and businesses who have expressed an interest in potentially signing up to be part of the St. Anthony fiber network.  It is NOT an indication of any legal or contract made by these residents and businesses.  St. Anthony is using this information to track who is interested. 

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